Discovering Reiki...


What exactly is Reiki?

The traditional meaning of Reiki is used to describe a specific type of energetic healing and school of thought developed in Japan. However, the term itself has entered mainstream vernacular and many people use the word "Reiki" as an umbrella term for all types of energetic touch and energetic healing. I personally choose to use the term Reiki in the broader sense of the word as an expression of all types of energy healing, not just the Japanese system. I was trained in the traditional format, but I have discovered over time that I can get much deeper into a healing session by using my intuitive gifts instead of relying on a more rigid framework.

What is energy healing?

Energy healing is a healing modality that uses spiritually guided life force energy to promote health, wellness, and vitality. Yes, I know this definition sounds very fluffy. Energy healing is one of those things in life that you just need to experience because the explanation falls short. It's like trying to explain the taste of chocolate cake or what a first kiss feels like. You just have to try it for yourself! And if you're interested in reading about the first time I personally experienced "life force energy," please check out my story.

You've talked a lot about this mysterious "Life Force Energy." Where does this energy come and what is it?

First off, let me start by saying that life force energy does not come from me (or any other healer); it simply passes through me. I am serving as a channel for it. The nature of life force energy is another concept that is difficult to describe, but it goes by many names in different cultures. Perhaps you've heard of Chi, Source, Prana, or Kundalini. Life force energy is a very common concept in Eastern cultures and widely understood and accepted. Here in the West, we're a little behind. The closest concept we have for it is "vital energy" or the idea of "vitality." We've all experienced times in our lives where we seem to have boundless amounts of energy, it's like we've tapped into some secret inner energy source. Think back to how you felt after the first time you fell in love or how you felt when you were working on a creative project that you were extremely passionate about. It's during these times that you tapped into that life force energy. That is the energy I call upon when I do my healing sessions.

Does that mean anyone can be a Reiki healer?

Yes, anyone can learn to give energy healing, but some people are much clearer channels than others depending on their lifestyle choices and the vibration of the activities they engage in and foods they consume. The stronger the channel, the more powerful the energy will be. Part of my job as a Reiki healer is to maintain my body, thoughts, and emotions in such a way as to be the clearest channel I can be. I spend a great deal of time clearing my body of toxic foods, thoughts, and energy, in order to allow the strongest current of life force energy to pass through me. Meditation, yoga, and mindfulness are all excellent practices for maintaining a clear channel, just to name a few. Similarly, if you engage in some of these high vibration activities, you will be more open to receiving the energy.

I'm not sick, and my body feels pretty good. Do I still need Reiki?

Many of us are focused on healing our bodies only if physical pain or illness is present and starts interfering with our daily lives. Physical pain and illnesses always begin at an energetic and emotional level. If you can heal the body on the energetic level, you're more likely to maintain optimum health because you are giving your body loving attention to the areas that need it as the needs arise before they manifest physically. If the body doesn't receive the attention it desires, either physically or emotionally, the body will speak to you in louder and louder ways in the form of pain until you are forced to listen. It's important to recognize that emotional pain such as depression or anxiety is another way the body speaks to you. Energy healing is perfect for maintaining health as well as giving loving attention to areas that are already manifesting as physical or emotional pain. In short, yes, we all need Reiki, including me!

How often should I receive Reiki treatments?

The simple truth is that you can never have too much Reiki, just like a favorite pet can never receive too much love or your physical body can never have too many organic leafy greens! We are constantly being bombarded by outside energy that impacts the way we feel, both physically and emotionally. Many people trained in Reiki will give themselves daily treatments as part of their spiritual practice and to clear out all the energy they naturally pick up from the outside world. The more Reiki you receive, the better you will feel. It is also recommended to come regularly over a longer time frame to maximize the benefits. You and your body will begin to trust and open up to the energy, and it will have a greater impact.

What can I expect from a Reiki session?

The session will be either 60min or 90min. Learn more about our services here. Before we begin the healing, you are always welcome to ask me any questions and share your intentions for the session. I may guide you through a short relaxation technique or a visualization meditation if I feel that it would be beneficial. You will lie down on a massage table, fully clothed with your eyes closed and relaxed, and I will provide energy healing to you. Typically, I work almost entirely above the body. Occasionally, I will softly place my hands on you if I feel guided to do that, and I will always ask permission from you before we begin. If it is a long distance healing, you will be relaxing in a comfortable room in your home, free from distractions. We will communicate via phone or Skype/Facetime, and I will be looking at a photo you send me. During the session I always receive intuitive information. At the conclusion of the session, I dedicate time to sharing the intuitive information I receive. I may also offer some tips and advice for practices you can do at home to enhance the healing. You're also encouraged to share any aspects of the session that you would like clarity on. Sound good? If you're ready to reserve a time for a session or schedule a free consultation, please contact me!

What will the energy feel like?

Everyone experiences Reiki energy in different ways. As long as you are open to receiving, there is a very high likelihood that you will feel something, but that something will vary from person to person. Regardless of what you may or may not experience, the healing energy is always working. In general, I find that clients who are involved in spiritual practices that increase their sensitivities (such as mindfulness or meditation) are likely to have more intense sensations. Aside from feeling very relaxed, here are some things that clients have told me they felt during a session: tingling in different parts of the body, quick energetic jerk of the body, stomach grumbling, seeing flashes of color, seeing visions, seeing their spirit animals, hearing bells ringing or other sounds, feeling a cool breeze, waves of energy up and down the body, feeling sensations of cold or heat, feeling like there were loving hands on them (even though I had my hands above the body), and feeling the presence of their guides. It's important to remember that though these things may sound strange to you now, they will not feel scary while you're experiencing them. In fact, you will feel safe, relaxed, and at peace. Whatever you experience, it will be very pleasing to you and very intriguing. It will also connect you more deeply with yourself.

How will I feel after a session?

Each person will have a unique experience, and it's difficult to predict how you will feel. Some people will feel extremely energized, while others will want to take a delicious nap or a nice bath. Maybe you will suddenly desire to go for a walk outside or write in your journal. Some people will feel emotional or deeply introspective and others will just feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I make it a priority to make sure you feel safe and supported right after your session. Throughout the day, it's important to stay hydrated and keep your thoughts free and clear of the clutter that was weighing you down. In other words, just enjoy the bliss and continue to ride the wave!