Beautiful, kind words from my clients...

Janice is awesome! She’s super intuitive, very caring, perfectly sensitive and is healing just being in her presence! I would venture to say it’s impossible to not have a good time around her or at least crack a smile. She employs her experience of mindfulness and yoga into her Reiki practice yielding a very fluid, adventurous and fascinating experience. I felt very supported and nourished. I would definitely recommend her if healing is what you seek.
— Nick N., San Diego, CA

I have known Janice in a variety of capacities over the years and have found her to be intuitive, honest, caring, joyful, FUN and an overall outstanding person. Recently, I had an opportunity to find that she is also a gifted healer when she introduced me to Reiki work. I found the session to be helpful in so many ways. Once the session was over I felt lighter, more relaxed and calm. While she is well-trained, Janice has an uncanny intuitive ability to feel and move energy, shifting the both the mind and body toward alignment.

It’s a pleasure to see Janice move more deeply into her calling as a healer as I know so many will benefit from her compassionate touch!
— Lili S., San Diego, CA

Janice is an intuitive energy and Reiki worker who has been pivotal in helping me draw deeper into physical radiance and emotional freedom. Janice gives deep insight into areas that need deeper clarity and helps draw you into another level of consciousness. She moves energy into and out of your body to help it heal itself, on a physical level and subtle body level too. Sometimes you can even feel tingling as the energy spirals in and out of your body. All my experiences with Janice have been incredibly restorative. I always walk away feeling grounded and a peaceful stillness when we are done. This is a deep rooted healing treatment. Janice is a dear beautiful being who will lovingly guide you back to yourself.
— Teresa A., San Diego, CA

I was lucky enough to have Janice practice her form of Reiki on me. She is one of those people who make you feel good just by being around them, like radiating gentle sunshine. I don’t presume to know how it all works, but I can say that I really felt the sensation of pressure/tension releasing from my body as well as mild shuddering/shivers as Janice performed the reiki session. It was strange and surprising and I definitely felt increased peace after.
— Ryan M., San Jose, CA

I am so glad I know Janice and that I let her practice her gift and skills on me! It was a completely positive and uplifting experience. I am so glad that I went to her and plan on going back again for more sessions! So amazing!
— Barbora H., San Diego, CA

I have known and loved this beautiful Soul for several years now and yet it seems like lifetimes. She is absolutely the essence of Life Force energy embodied and she shines with a radiant Light that holds an overflowing abundance wisdom and grace. My experience with her as a Reiki Healer was deeply personal and intensely profound ... a reflection not only of the depth of her awareness and her sensitivity to the more subtle layers of being, but of a sacred and unfathomable connection to realms of Spirit. She is indeed a treasure and a gift.
— Robin C., Jamul, CA

When it comes to energy work, I am more than picky. I have to really like the vibe of the person and trust them before letting them do work on me. In the past 8 years or so I was only open to receiving energy healing in general and more specifically reiki from two practitioners and Janice was one. I met Janice casually through a friend and as soon as I found out she was a reiki master I wanted her to work on me. She is someone I felt comfortable with and loved from the beginning and allowing her into my energy and space felt natural and safe. After my first session, I knew that I made the right decision, and I would recommend her to everyone I care about.
— Adam K., Vancouver, BC

With Reiki finding the right practitioner can be tricky, but you know you landed in the right hands as soon as Janice and her beautiful healing energy helps ground and relax you. Thank you Janice for sharing your gift with the world and me.
— Dimitra K., Lewes, DE

Janice has a great personality - personable, fun, and thoughtful. After I was fortunate to have Janice work on me, I brought up some things that came up during the session and she took the time to discuss them — all really to help me get more clarity and reassurance on where I was at energetically, as well as the sensations I felt during the session. I’ve been really touched that she took the time and to me, it’s another way she embodies her gift and her intention to help in healing. I highly recommend Janice’s work and am really glad her Reiki Energy Healing work is thriving deeply and joyfully.
— Junice U., Berkeley, CA

Janice radiates warmth and positive energy and I found her Reiki sessions to not only be deeply relaxing and centering, but immediately effective. She has a compassionate ear, gentle nature and will make you feel welcome and at ease from the beginning.

Janice is able to guide you through the process of restoring a energetic, physical and emotional balance and also provides supportive and intuitive counseling about ongoing health issues that I found extremely helpful and empowering.
— Calen C., Vancouver, BC

Janice has a very gentle, inquisitive, and caring healing touch. Her energy is soft and soothing and she holds space for you to heal. I enjoy the way she inquires and explores personal energy while giving healing. She cares about her clients and her enjoyment at giving and sharing healing is evident. She is clearly excited to experience each person’s unique energy and helping to move blockages and encourage healthy energy flow.
— Julie F., San Deigo, CA

Thank you for performing Reiki on me after my surgery. Thank you for channeling the energy and love, so I could heal. You are awesome! I am still healing, and I hope that my hearing will come back too. You are a beautiful soul and a wonderful friend. Thank you, Janice! Hugs!
— Yenly T., Los Angeles, CA